Alternative Method to show Admob Ads – 100% Working

Alternative Method to show Admob Ads – 100% Working, I have seen many topic on kudular about admob ads like

  • Admob ads are not working
  • Ads not showing
  • Please help me to show admob interstial ad
  • What is right way to show admob ads?
  • Admob Ads not getting displayed (even test ads) and many more endless topics.

So i tried enhance extension, this is a alternative way to show Admob ads on your Android application made in App Inventor Platform like Kodular, Thunkable or Appybuilder. Follow the steps given below : 
For proof, that banner ads are working check the screenshot below

If Kodular’s Ads are not working for you then try the method given below, this is a fully working tested file, i created 2 admob ad unit id for banner & Interstitial ads at 9-2-19 from my admob panel.  Download the test file from the link below.

Steps – 

  • After Ads Type, Select App Inventor from the Drag and Drop Library Option
  • Now Download the library file. You will get the AIX file from the downloaded zip file. Implement Enhance extension in your application to show ads. 
  • After implementing the enhance extension blocks, export the APK file and Upload in the enhance website. 
  • Now select Admob Mediation and place your Banner and Interstitial Ad Unit Id in the particular given fields like the image given below
  • Select banner ads position from Global Settings Option and Press the continue button
  • Now select – Upload my certificate and allow Enhance to sign on my beha from the radio option list. Upload the Keystore file from kodular (File -> Export Keystore).
  • Put android in Keystore/certificate Password field.
  • Change App Version name and code according to your needs and press the Enhance Now Button
  • After the enhance process complete, it will provide a download link for your enhanced application. Download and Use it normally as you want. 

If this method don’t work for you then its 100% confirms that there is a problems from your side. Contact Google not Kodular and Stop Posting Topics about Admob not working,

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