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A simple, easy-to-use and beautiful sound recorder app project for Android. If you want to learn about sound recording in Android, then this project is the best option for learning app development using this Source Code

This project is very small (with just a single Activity) and very simple to understand as well. Beginners can also learn about the basics of Material Design from this project.


  • Material Design
  • Easy to Use
  • No Time Limits
  • MP4 Format
  • AAC Encoder
  • Manage files easily
  • Open source

Difficulty: Beginner


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3 Ways to Get Better Sound Quality for Video Recording

A good video comes with good audio quality. Poor sound quality distracts the audience.

Let’s talk about 3 ways to record sound to your video the proper way.

1. Using On-camera Microphone

The on-camera microphone is built onto the camcorder. It will pick up sounds near the camcorder instead of the subject. If you must record a speech with your on-camera microphone, go to a quiet room, turn off or reduce any unwanted sounds around you. Common interference come from the air-conditioner, mobile phones and people.

2. Using External Microphone

The external microphone is not built onto the camcorder but is attached via cable or wireless. When interviewing someone, hold or attach the external microphone about 6 inches away from the speaker’s mouth. My favorite external microphone is the versatile Sennheiser Wireless Microphone.

3. Using Audio Recording Devices

Audio Recording Devices are separate equipment that are not connected to the camcorder. They record audio on their own which you will merge with your video during the editing process. One high quality audio recording device is the iPhone using the “Voice Memos” app.

Real Life Examples

I once had to hand-signal to a presenter, during her live speech on stage, to move 2 steps back. She was standing right under the air-conditioner blower, where the clipped-on microphone picked up all the horrible wind noise.

I had to interfere with the live show because as a videographer, your recording is more important than anything else.

Speaking about noise, one chirp from a bird flying pass overhead, during an outdoor interview, disrupted a whole spoken sentence. You can only hear this if you are wearing headphones.

People without headphones may not feel the effect. I did not want to spend time editing away the sudden interference, so I asked the interviewee to repeat everything he was saying.

Then there is electrical interference. Sometimes wireless microphones pick up other signals coming from similar wireless systems. To safeguard the recording in this situation, I always have a backup audio recording using a different device.

So that’s 3 ways to get better sound quality recording for video.

  1. Use the on-camera microphone but control unwanted noise.
  2. Using an external microphone is the best way to go.
  3. Use your iPhone as an audio recorder when you do not have an external microphone.

One more tip: Always wear and listen to headphones when recording audio with a microphone (except when using the iPhone).

Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Adrian_Lee_YC/55216

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