Fusion Player Pro Online Music Player AIA Download for Free

Its a simple online Music Player. MP3 files are fetched from Airtable database. MP3 files are displayed in a colin tree list view with download icon.
There is a timer for the song duration and also you will get the song name individually when you play any song from the list view.

[Minimum API changed back to 21]

Features You Get In Pro (Paid) Version:

  • Dynamic Category
  • Dynamic Music According To Category
  • Music Control (Next, Previous, Play & Stop)
  • Current Playing Song Name
  • Side Menu
  • Splash Screen
  • Animation Screen Change From Category and Music List Page
  • Faster Music List Load Time
  • Music Play Forward (Coming Soon)
  • Download Music
  • Play Music In Loop
  • Shuffle Songs
  • Music Duration (Start & End Time)
  • Duration Counter
  • Push Notification By OneSignal
  • Admob Banner & Interstitial Ads Integrated
  • Swipe Down Refresh On Both Category & Music List Page
  • Play Next Song Automatically
  • Now Shuffle Before Playing Next Song
  • Dynamic Category
  • Dynamic Music According to Category Selected
  • Download Music
  • AdMob Integration

Database Structure

5 Best Android Music Player Apps

With the Android software living in your gadget, you can always have access to an incredible number of music apps in the market. Five of the best are listed below:

1. Double Twist Player

Double Twist is currently the best music application available in the market. With this app, you can find all kinds of music you want on your Android phone. But what’s more amazing is that you can synchronize your Droid with a desktop PC via Wi-Fi connection to detect music files. If you are a MAC OS user, you can use iTunes to synchronize with your Android device. The good news is that the basic functionalities of this app are available for free

2. TuneWiki

If there’s a Wiki in the Internet, there’s also a Wiki in the Android market. If you own an Android, you should never let go of this must-have music player because this is the only music app with lyrics and social network for music discovery. TuneWiki allows you to see song lyrics in your device while the song is being played. Moreover, this app can translate the lyrics into 40 different languages. Pretty superior, huh? With TuneWiki, you can also find and follow users to check what they are listening. Also, this app gives you the choice to search for great songs through song maps and top charts that are updated periodically.

3. PowerAmp

If you’re looking for a powerful music app, then you must not forget to include PowerAmp in your list. This music app plays a number of files in your device, including MP3, FLAC, ALAC, WAV and WMA. It also comes with a 10 band equalizer which has presets and separate treble and bass adjusters, a sleep timer for pausing in between songs, and an album art finder and tag editor. Worthy to mention is that this app also allows you to browse and play songs either from specified folders on your device or from the automatically generated Android library. Lastly, PowerAmp comes with several home screen widgets for fast music control, a Last.fm scrobbling which is built-in, and lock screen controls. Obviously, PowerAmp has lived by its name.

4. PlayerPro

PlayerPro allows you to browse your music by albums, artists, songs, genres, playlists and folders. With this music app, you can download, search and save lyrics in your Android device. The bonus part is that this player routinely downloads appropriate album art and artist photos, saving you a lot of time. This app also comes with mixable audio effects for devices powered by an Android platform. It has a 5-band graphic equalizer with a lot of presets, on top of other features such as stereo widening, bass boost, reverb and volume control.

5. WinAmp

Among the list, this app might have been the oldest but still, it’s one of the best. WinAmp currently found its way from the huge desktop PCs to the modern Android devices. Aside from enabling you to play, manage, and sync music from your PC to your Android, the current WinAmp also offers a complete music management solution featuring a wireless desktop sync (take note that WinAmp 5.6 is required), an iTunes library import, and an access to thousands of Internet radio stations. Clearly, WinAmp has made its own music revolution to serve the modern genre.

If the above apps do not suit your needs, then you can always have a glimpse on other music player apps in the Android market. However, chances are you would still find yourself going back to this list. So far, these are the apps tried and tested as the best by Android users. When it comes to music apps, surely, you would be wading in the same boat.

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  1. Deyvison Costa

    When my project opens it is just loading and it doesn’t open, Help me to open Airtable data

    1. i think its because of the database connection problem… also there is a similar topic related to this error on kodular community, i think that will help you. and thanks for the comment

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