GnuCash – Expense-tracker Application Free Source Code Download

GnuCash Android is a companion expense-tracker application for GnuCash (desktop) designed for Android. It allows you to record transactions on-the-go and later import the data into GnuCash for the desktop.


  • An easy-to-use interface.
  • Chart of Accounts: A master account can have a hierarchy of detail accounts underneath it.
    This allows similar account types (e.g. Cash, Bank, Stock) to be grouped into one master account (e.g. Assets).
  • Split Transactions: A single transaction can be split into several pieces to record taxes, fees, and other compound entries.
  • Double Entry: Every transaction must debit one account and credit another by an equal amount. This ensures that the “books balance”: that the difference between income and outflow exactly equals the sum of all assets, be they bank, cash, stock or other.
  • Income/Expense Account Types (Categories): These serve not only to categorize your cash flow, but when used properly with the double-entry feature, these can provide an accurate Profit&Loss statement.
  • Scheduled Transactions: GnuCash has the ability to automatically create and enter transactions.
  • Export to GnuCash XML, QIF or OFX. Also, scheduled exports to 3rd-party sync services like DropBox and Google Drive
  • Reports: View summary of transactions (income and expenses) as pie/bar/line charts


Please note that this is an open source software so read all the terms and condition provided by the original developer of this project

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