How To Allow Contributors Edit Their WordPress Posts After Approved

By default, a WordPress user with a contributor role can’t modify their published posts. In this article, we will show you how to let contributors edit their posts after being approved.

Contributors or guest authors with contributor role can write posts and send them to the admin for review. Administrator or a user with editor user role can review and publish it. Once published, the contributors are unable to edit their own posts. This is a default in WordPress that distribute user role and status.

However, you can add or remove capabilities to user roles in WordPress. Let’s take a look at how to let contributors edit their published posts.

Just paste the following code given below into your functions.php file, which can be located in : Appearance -> Theme Editor -> function.php . You can install a plugin for this too but coding is must faster and it wont effect your WordPress speed because of too many plugins.

// allow "contributor" to edit published post
$obj_existing_role = get_role( 'contributor' );
$obj_existing_role->add_cap( 'edit_published_posts' );

If you have any better solutions then comment down below.

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