How to Download Any File Using Webviewer in Kodular


This is a basic guide for How to Download Any File Using Webviewer in Kodular. You can download the any file with the exact filename from download URL using On Download Start block from web viewer component.

just add the exact blocks arrangement which is shown below.

components used –

  • WebViewer
  • Download

I hope this will help some users who wants to save file with the file name given in the download url. i also updated the T-Browser (Open Source Version) with this download logic. if you want you can download the aia file from original post given below

Checkout the guide on kodular also

Choosing the Best Web Browser

There are web browsers and there are web browsers. The question is which of the top are the best web browsers? In choosing the best browser you have to consider your needs. Will you be using it a lot for emailing? Or research?

Or watching lots of videos? Everyone has different requirements. The best way to determine the best web browsers is to look at their strengths and weaknesses.

Lets start with Chrome. Chrome is a new kid on the block but so far it has displayed cool under fire. Google Chrome has garnered a huge following due to its minimalist (read: less clutter) interface and rapid page rendering.

Page rendering is one major factor that users love about Chrome. This browser also handles any site error or faults with minimal fuss. It treats each tab open as an individual tab so if one tab freezes or hangs then it can be dealt wit separately.

Chrome also has a sturdy defense against security threats and extensively uses Javascript in its GUI. Some people determine a good GUI as a best web browser ability.

Opera is another noteworthy browser that has its roots back in 1994. When it came out it had a solid user interface, it ran on almost all systems, and was compatible with other apps.

It also had a lot of built in tools like and RSS reader, email client, and BitTorrent client. The only reason why it did not click so much with users is that it had a lot of ads and required people to pay to use it.

Firefox is a popular browser known for quick page loading. It also boasts of using a lot of browser extensions made by Mozilla to enable users to choose their browser experience.

One feature the users love in Firefox is being able to block out advertisements and be able to link to other computers across a network. Incidentally, Firefox has an open-source ideology which makes it easy for budding programmers to try and create apps to use in the browser.

Internet explorer is one browser giant. It has a large following mainly because its comes with the WINDOWS OS package. IE has gone through a lot of revisions and is now on par with Google Chrome as far as the page rendering and tab individuality is concerned.

It now has a stronger active filtering script and security is stronger.

Now that you have seen the strengths and weaknesses of them, which do you think is the best web browser? If you are after security then Chrome and IE would be your choice. If you look for flexibility and openness, then Firefox is for you. There isn’t a standard best web browsers. Each has its own redeeming quality.

Visit these sites if you want more information about best web browsers or web browser in particular.

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