How to Get COVID-19 Cases Information Using Python

Python community has made a library called covid to Get COVID Information Using Python and its so simple and easy to use. You can download it using the pip command given below.

pip install covid

Type the above command in your terminal to install and use that library.

Source Code

# importing the library
from covid import Covid

covid = Covid()

# printing data for the world
print("Total active cases in world:", covid.get_total_active_cases())
print("Total recovered cases in world:", covid.get_total_recovered())
print("Total deaths in world:", covid.get_total_deaths())

# getting data according to country name, data will be stored as a dictionary
cases = covid.get_status_by_country_name("us")

# printing country's data using for loop
for x in cases:
    print(x, ":", cases[x])


Total active cases in world: 5440736
Total recovered cases in world: 7607033
Total deaths in world: 584990
id : 18
country : US
confirmed : 3499771
active : 2329954
deaths : 137420
recovered : 1075882
latitude : 40.0
longitude : -100.0
last_update : 1594906500000

All Done. Enjoy 🙂
Let me know in the comment section why and where you want to use this code.

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