How To View HTML Source Code of Any Website In Kodular


In this simple guide i will show you How To View HTML Source Code of Any Website In Kodular.

You can use your internet browser to view the HTML source code of most web pages. This means that if you see a page you like, you can look at the underlying code and copy the designer’s technique. Copying someone else’s tried and true methods is not plagiarism — it is just a good way to improve your skills.

Now back to the guide, Its very Simple, all you need to do is, just call web viewer to go to a website by adding view-source: in front of the url

Follow the blocks screenshot given below. Do not change any blocks, first try it then experiment it.


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Is Someone Stealing Your Source Code?

That’s a question that worries many people on the Internet. And some people go to great lengths to hide their source code.

There are several reasons you might want to conceal the source code of your web pages:

  • you have web pages that rank highly in the search engines and you don’t want people to see your meta tags
  • you don’t want people copying your web page design or java scripts
  • you want to protect your website from email harvesters and other spam utilities

But can you hide your source code?

The short answer is no – to display a web page, the browser has to be able to read the source, and if the browser can read it, so can your visitors. But there are ways to make it more difficult for your visitors to read your source code. Here are some of them:

  • Adding dozens of carriage returns at the top of your HTML page
  • Using frames
  • Disabling Right Click
  • Disabling View Source

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