iCart – Online Shopping Application | E-Commerce App

iCart is a Simple and Easy Online Shopping App, This is just design only for now, working on development part as well as adding more designs.

Features / Pages

  • Home
  • Category List
  • Product List According To Categories
  • Product Details
  • Place Order
  • Order Complete
  • Login
  • Registration
  • Reset Password
  • Buy Now
  • Add To Cart (Coming Soon)

Due to less amount of time i haven’t add all features, below are the list of developed features available in this app. Most of the data is dynamic from airtable database

  • Home
  • Category List
  • Product List According to Categories

All the pages are connected properly with there parent pages. If you want to test the application in demo then click on the buttons given below Screenshot. Demo Link and Buy link both are given below.


Home – Category – Product List – Product Details – Place Order Pages Design
Order Complete – Login – Registration – Reset Password Page Design


  • Rs. 250 – India (Paytm Accepted Only)
  • $10 – Other Countries (Paypal Only)

If you want to get this AIA for free then you have to 15 Blogs For this website. If interested then post a comment below and i will get back to you ASAP

i know this design may looks like flipkart copy but always remember, having same design doesnt mean that its a copy. this is not for production purpose, just for experimenting & knowledge purpose. Everyone will see what they can make with kodular.

Feel free to give suggestions / feedback in the comment section below

14 thoughts on “iCart – Online Shopping Application | E-Commerce App”

  1. I requested to you plz make small video
    How to make image slider in kodular with airtable
    Plze explain the block in kodular step by step
    I already requested to you 6 time on your you tube channel
    Plz help me

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    1. this is not completely ready… some part is done and some are not. i work on android studio apps now, so if you want android studio eCommerce app then you can contact me here

    1. some parts are complete and some are not… home page, category list is all dynamic, you just have to make the category wise product listing page and rest of it. Also Paytm link is updated, now just scan QR and pay. After payment just send me a message on telegram

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