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simple calendar app android kotlin source code free download

A simple and easy-to-use calendar app built completely using Kotlin. If you want to learn Kotlin, then this is probably the best ways to start. Simple Calendar is a fully customizable, offline calendar designed to do exactly what a calendar should do

The objective of this application is very straightforward which makes it flawless to get your hands busy and interesting while learning a totally new programming language for creating Android applications. Another cool thing you can gain from this project is to make custom widgets for Android application.

Daily, weekly and monthly views make checking your upcoming events & appointments a breeze. You can even view everything as a simple list of events rather than in calendar view, so you know exactly what’s coming up in your life and when.

Features & Benefits

  • No internet access needed, giving you more privacy & security
  • Open source
  • Fully customizable themes & calendar / event widgets
  • Translated into 29 languages
  • Export settings to .txt files to import to another device
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly & event views on the calendar
  • Set multiple event reminders, customize event reminder sound and vibration
  • Snooze option for reminders
  • Easily add holidays, birthdays, anniversaries & appointments
  • Customize events – start time, duration, reminders etc
  • Use as a personal calendar or a business calendar

App Screenshots

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Create Your Own Android Apps for Free

Have you thought if you got the chance to develop Android application of your choice and your interest seems cool, I am suggesting 5 easy sites that will help you to create your own Android apps for free in few minutes.

There are 3 Sites To Create Your Own Android Apps for Free

1. Apps Geyser

Apps Geyser is a free service provider, which help you to convert your application and make money through it. It has more than 118,602,408 installed application, more than 260,193 created application and more than 3,610,134,404 ads served.

By using Apps Geyser one can create an application in simple steps. Click on create button here you have different option like website (Enter URL), HTML Code Create or Paste HTML) and

YouTube Videos, Enter keywords or use Channel URL and many more and then distribute it. Apps Geyser gives you facility to make ad-supported apps and make money through that.

It has also a unique feature that make if different through other service provider that is sharing features, sharing of your apps to all major social network.

Supporting of HTML 5 to display pop-up notification like deal of the day or some important announcement to the users. So by seeing all features of Apps Geyser I can say that it offers creation, monetization, management of your android app.

2App Yet

App Yet helps to create apps for website. App Yet helps you toconvert RSS feeds into an android application for Android OS. Here you have the freedom to list/sell created application on Market(s) or earn money through advertising. Using App yet you can turn a website or blog into application and share it with your friend anywhere in globe.

3. Andromo

Andromo gives you a fabulous platform to create professional apps for you. All type of business can be promoted share even can be used to discuss a new project. Very few mouse clicks is enough to make an apps and generate money through adding advertise to those apps.

Apps can contain interactive photo galleries, blog/news feeds, maps, mobile websites, YouTube videos and even more. You can generate money by selling your application to Play Store using Andromo.

So these 5 website are vey useful who try to do something new and have the creativity or for Android lover. You need some knowledge of HTML or Java, than you can make application of yours for your Android.

I hope these stuffs on Sites To Create Your Own Android Application for Free will help you making your own Android apps and share to your friend and entire world & most important making money through Android Apps.

When we talk about phone then instantly Android come in our mind, and we know that Android platform is growing at a hasty rate worldwide. Several updated phone coming with Android platform.

More than 500K android apps for over 500 android devices have flooded by android market. To make Android market more popular Android apps are free for everyone, he/she can download from numerous website. Millions of free apps been downloaded daily by Android user.

Have you thought if you got the chance to develop Android apps of your choice and your interest seems cool, I am suggesting 5 easy sites that will help you to create your own Android apps for free in few minutes.

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