Simple Draw – Free Drawing App For Android Free Source Code Download

If you want to draw something without pen and paper? Then this app will will be perfect for you. Just pick a color and draw, its simple as that. You can either save the drawing in a file or share it directly through email or social networks so that your friends can have some fun with it too.

This hugely popular app for quick sketches provides many useful functions like Undo/Redo, changing the background color, or using an image as the background. You can optionally make the app prevent the device from falling asleep too. You can also change the brush size, or use an eraser, if you messed something up. It supports inserting colors either by selecting it on a huge palette, or by entering the colors hex code. It has a modern look based on material design.

  • Supports many different formats like PNG, JPG or SVG vectors.
  • Draw something new from scratch, or open some file and just play around with it.
  • Perfectly usable either by you, or by a family with children to play some games.
  • No ads or unnecessary permissions.
  • Fully opensource,
  • Provides customizable colors.

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