Simple File Manager – Android Source Code Free Download

A lightweight quick file manager for everyday use. Provides intuitive user experience based on Material design. It offers a useful search functionality, you can also customize the home folder and select favorite folders for quick access.

The app contains multiple powerful security related functions, like password protecting hidden items, deleting files, or the whole app. You can choose between using a pattern, pin, or a fingerprint to keep your data private. As it has no internet access, it improves your privacy even further.

This modern file organizer supports fast browsing of root files, SD cards and USB devices.


  • File operations like rename, copy, move, delete, share etc.
  • Allows compressing and decompressing too.
  • Create new files or folders
  • Ascending and descending file order
  • Check file or folder properties which shows various fields like the file size, date of the last modification
  • Light file editor that you can use either for printing documents, editing them, or read easily with using zoom gestures
  • The fingerprint permission is needed for locking either hidden item visibility, file deleting or the whole app.
  • No ads or unnecessary permissions

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