T-Browser V2.0 Free Kodular AIA download

New version of T-Browser is released. Its good looking , material design, app size will be less than 10 MB. Download Function working without using any extension.

I hope you like this browser, if you do then don’t forget to like this video on youtube and if you want some more option in this project then subscribe to my YouTube channel for future videos.

Finally T-Browser is released and its packed with lots of other features.
i know there is some part missing thats why i am providing this to everyone. Its open source so you can add more features.

Features You Get :

  • Download
  • Incognito Mode
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Night Mode
  • View Website Source Code
  • History
  • Bookmark
  • Settings

Features In V3.0

  • SSL indicator
  • Add New Tab(unlimited)
  • Remove Tab
  • Desktop Mode
  • Circular Progress bar added
  • Removed Horizontal Progress bar
  • Few Blocks Removed
  • Added New Download Feature with Exact File name while download.

7 thoughts on “T-Browser V2.0 Free Kodular AIA download”

    1. you have to join my telegram group to get password. check the pinned message on that group for password.

    1. just download the aia and update the aia on kodular, i think the new web viewer supports file upload feature… try that and let me know…

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