Wall Pocket Pro V3.0 Free / Paid AIA Download

WallPocket is an Advanced Dynamic Wallpaper collection app with advanced features like any other app in the market. 

You can use this app to share wallpapers according to different categories, which can also be managed from Backend (Airtable), if you want to earn from this app then you have to follow the  terms and conditions which i have set for this and all my aia. Otherwise it will cause you legal issue in future. 

Features You Get In Open Source Version :
  • Category
  • List of wallpapers according to the category
  • Set as Wallpaper
  • Download Wallpaper
  • Share Wallpaper Without Download
  • Add to Favorite List
Update [21 Jan 2019]
  • Set as Wallpaper Bug Fixed
Update [7 Mar 2019]
  • Set as Lock Screen Added
  • Set as Both (Lock Screen + Home Screen) Added

Update [25 Oct 2019]

  • Card View Extension Removed
  • Improved Image Loading Speed
  • Image Loading Animation
  • Image Offline Indicator
  • Added Grid Image View in
    • Category Screen
    • Wallpaper List Screen
    • Favorite Screen
  • Favorite Screen UI Update
    • added bottom sheet menu with options
      • Download
      • Set as Wallpaper
      • Share
      • Delete
  • Side Menu Removed due to app crash while testing on companion


How to Connect With Airtable Database

Explanation of how to connect and maintain the wallpaper app wit airtable properly

To Download The Version 2.0 AIA, click on the green button below. Airtable Database Structure (CSV file) is also included in the AIA Download

Password Available on the Telegram Group
Click here to Join

You can buy the V3.0 AIA Using Paytm, Paypal & Fiverr.
Links are given below

For Paytm User Price is Rs. 100

Price – $5

Please mention the order id or transaction id if you pay using Paytm or Paypal on my telegram. You can also post a comment below with your order id or transaction. Comment will be deleted after i verify your purchase.

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